Electricity is supplied by two companies: Barki Tojik and Pamir Energy. The latter supplies electricity to Gorno-Badakhshan, while Barki Tojik serves the rest of the country.

The open Joint Stock Holding Company (OJSHC) “Barki Tojik” is a vertically integrated state-owned enterprise. The company owns and operates power plants, transmission and distribution networks. It consists of 24 joint-stock power companies, seven power plants, a transmission company, ten distribution companies and other affiliated companies. Barki Tojik is also responsible for import and export of electricity to six countries: Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, and the Russian Federation.

There has been some progress on the restructuring of Barki Tojik, which is mandated by Government Decree 431, from August 30, 2011. The restructuring is aimed at addressing weaknesses in the areas of generation, transmission and distribution, and has the objective of improving commercial practices.

Pamir Energy (PE), a joint-stock company owned by AKFED (70 percent) and the IFC (30 percent), was established to take control of the assets of Barki Tojik in Gorno-Bodakhshan Autonomous Oblast under a 25-year concession agreement.  It has rehabilitated hydropower plants and the electricity transmission and distribution network. PE has achieved good operational and financial performance. As a result, the reliability of power supply in Gorno-Bodakhshan has significantly improved. Electricity supply in the region increased from 4 to nearly 21 hours a day, even during winter, compared to an average of 8-12 hours a day of electricity supply in the rest of Tajikistan. An additional 271 rural villages have received partial electricity service because of the PE Operations. Also, PE’s collection rate was close to 100 percent in 2012.