Company Profile

The history of Tajhydro Consulting Engineers started in 2010 after signing a Memorandum of Understanding between the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Energy and Industry of the Republic of Tajikistan in April 27, 2010. The company was named Public Fund “Tajik Norwegian Center on Small Hydro Power Development” (SHPD). The Norwegian support for Tajhydro Consulting was in the form of Norwegian experts, which consisted of experts from Econ Poyry and Norsk Energi. Later Tajhydro Consulting was established and spined of from SHPD.

Tajhydro Consulting was founded by a group of highly qualified, experienced, and like-minded young professionals. Today, Tajhydro Consulting is one leading consulting companies in the energy sector of Tajikistan.

We are a group of highly experienced engineers who have absorbed the experience in international projects in Tajikistan and foreign countries.

Our team has extensive experience working on projects financed by ADB, EBRD, World Bank, IFC, KWF, IDB.

Tajhydro Consulting Engineers strives to be one of the leading consulting companies in the Central Asian region. It has the extensive experience in implementation of investment projects in Tajikistan and abroad.

Tajhydro Consulting Engineers is a consulting company with solid experience. Tajhydro Consulting has strong relations with main local stakeholders such as Ministries, Business Companies, and international donor community.

We are a team of professionals that take pride in what we do and consistently offer advanced and efficient solutions for executing all designs and projects as a client-focused company. Our staff is experienced with the latest engineering software. We continually strive to exceed expectations with integrity, loyalty, and competence.

Experts in current projects
Successfully completed projects
Local and international experts
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The main goal of the group/company is to promote positive position and expansion of economic possibilities and public-private development in Tajikistan. The successful symbiosis of human recourses and a multidisciplinary (multilateral) team of the company can provide a strong position in its relation with the socially vital environment.

The company has been active in efforts to form multi-disciplinary expert-analytical platforms and tends to occupy a worthy place among relevant, consulting agencies, through the provision of quality, transparent, flexible, and timely services while relying on the best international regional and national practices.

Our capacity

Experience and professional skills of our experts closely cooperating with clients are aimed at fundamental analysis of the existed data and making decisions and strategies, which allow our clients use their own resources in full volume, direct the strong qualities at growth and progress in achieving competitive advantages and assigned tasks.

The result of our work is a general increase of company effectiveness, along with answers to managing problems, the creation of competitive advantages and promotion of the company to a new development level.

Our database has more than hundreds of experts and includes best local experts of the major players in the energy sector, with extensive experience in various areas of energy hydropower, energy efficiency, energy audit and renewable energy source.

Sectors and Activities

The company activities cover a wide range of socio-economic sectors, the most significant of which are following:
  • Integrated economic – financial and accounting expertise
  • Multi-structural analytical approach to the legislative foundation
  • IT consulting and telecommunications
  • Financial Services
  • Procurement services
  • Recruitment services
  • Agriculture
  • Climate change
  • Infrastructure and mining services
  • Public and Social sector
  • Transport sector
  • Energy sector audit and consulting
  • Business and Strategy
  • Macroeconomic analysis etc

Project implementation in Civil and Energy facilities

Tajhydro Consulting Engineers offers engineering services related to the design and project management for new distribution or modification of existing distribution substations, transmission breaker stations and step-down stations. We have worked with stations of voltages of 230kV and under. We offer the following services with respect to Substation design:

  • Design the station to fit your facility requirements
  • Prepare and Submit an Environmental Report, if required
  • Prepare contract documents, including necessary RUS forms
  • Specify and procure materials and equipment (see below)
  • Coordinate the bidding process for station materials and equipment, and erection of the station
  • Conduct site inspections during construction
  • Prepare closeout documents

Tajhydro Consulting Engineers provides siting services for Power Utility Clients including but not limited to:

  • Environmental reports / permitting to satisfy the requirements of the Federal, State and Local Governments
  • Feasibility studies for the proposed routes of transmission and distribution lines
  • Preparation of Bidding documents (In accordance with ADB, EBRD, World Bank, and etc.)
  • Engineering surveys to map topography for transmission line routes and substation sites
  • Locate substation site
  • Visual impact analysis to illustrate the visual impact of a transmission or distribution line
  • Conduct Wetland delineation with the help and oversight of experienced environmental consultants
  • Site and soil inspection to ensure proper placement of substations and transmission lines

Tajhydro Consulting Engineers can facilitate the specification and procurement of station materials and equipment. ECE has extensive experience in working with an array of industry suppliers and manufacturers for the following equipment:

  • Power Transformers
  • Circuit Switchers
  • Transmission Circuit Breakers
  • Distribution Voltage Regulators
  • Circuit Reclosers
  • Distribution Circuit Breakers
  • Station Batteries
  • Protection & Coordination Equipment and Controls
  • Metering Equipment
  • Control Buildings

We can specify and prepare contract documents. Once the materials and equipment are ordered, we can work with the suppliers to ensure that you receive the exact equipment to meet your needs.