Gender and Economic Inclusion Technical Assistance Framework – Access to Services / Obigarm - Nurobod - Support for Gender-Responsive Road Development Tajikistan

Funded by: EBRD

Partners: Stantec

Date: 2021-2022

Develop prioritized, actionable and costed recommendations to strengthen access to services for inclusion target groups in the scope of the client’s operations and/or at the level of suppliers/contractors.

Develop prioritized, actionable and costed recommendations in order to prevent and mitigate GBVH risks, covering but not limited to:

  • Implementation of strict anti-sexual harassment, non-discrimination and equal opportunity policies for the Project;
  • Implementation of a code of conduct for employees and contractors that prohibit gender-based violence and harassment;
  • Improved project and company-level risk assessments
  • Design and monitoring of systems to minimize risks, including strengthened, speedy and effective response to GBVH incidents, through well-functioning protocols and remedial actions to enable safe and ethical care of survivors;
  • Establishment of mechanisms to ensure active community engagement to educate and raise the awareness of women, adolescents and children of GBVH and their legal rights;
  • Conduct regular community meetings/focus discussions taking into account compliance measures of COVID-19 spread to better understand the needs and best ways to address GBVH risks.
  • Develop prioritised, actionable and costed recommendations to promote economic opportunities for inclusion target groups in the context of the respective investment.