Feasibility study of consumer metering and billing system to cover the entire country Dushanbe, Istaravshan, Isfara, Konibodom, Buston, Panjakent, Dangara

Funded by: ADB

Partners: AF-Mercados (Spain)

Date: 2018-2020

Analyze the technology and functionalities of the advance metering system used in the Sugd project (financed by EBRD, EIB, EU IFCA), their effectiveness and replicability, assessment of whether those technically and financially (i.e. cost/benefit) correspond to the best practices available in the market and what are the lesson learned for the project.

  • Review the completed World Bank funded Dushanbe loss reduction project and propose lesson learned, if any, in order to avoid the same mistakes;
  • Review the results of the feasibility study funded by Kuwait Fund related to the energy loss project. Identify technical gaps, if any, and fill them in by visiting the necessary sites and follow-on research;
  • Prepare detailed overview of the best practices available in the area of advance metering implemented worldwide, and their appropriateness for Tajikistan;
  • Develop several options for different types of advance electricity metering taking into account the compatibility of different systems and technical solutions in metering automation. Set out various metering technology options that could be relevant for the Tajik electricity market.