Feasibility Study on Solid Waste Management in Tursunzoda

Funded by: EBRD

Date: 2013

The research objective is carrying out situation assessment with a solid waste condition in Tursunzoda, main indicators definition characterizing a solid waste management and the policy, which is carried out by the central and local authorities in situation improvement.

The research will cover following tasks:

  • Statistical information collection on Tursunzoda city (demography, social composition – list mentioned in task 2 of TOR);
  • Quantitative and qualitative information collection on SWM status in Tursunzoda (including SWM service for population, the number of service providing operators, technical condition of enterprises, financial status of enterprises (OZHKH and KZHKP), economic situation of service providing operator etc.).
  • Analysis on policy of central and local governance on SWM;
  • Analysis of functions and responsibilities of the OZHKH and KZHKP;
  • Historical financial data collection and processing/converting into excel format (from local government (Khukumat), departments of finance, department utility services in Khukumat;
  • Legislation review (SWM, utility services, tariff structure, environment, etc.)
  • Technical data collection and processing (biological environment, protected area, emergency planning, socio-economic environment – list mentioned in task 2 of TOR);