REF.: GRANT 53315-001 TAJ: Power Sector Development Program – Advance Metering Infrastructure Dushanbe

Funded by: Asian Development Bank

Partners: Mercados – Aries International (Spain)

Date: 2021-2024

The objective of the consulting services is to assist PEC with procurement and administration of the design, supply, and installation contract(s)in compliance with the World Bank policy and procedures under the project and technical supervision of construction, including:

  • (a) assist PEC in careful re-examination of proposed composition of RE projects and optimizing the combination of generation technologies with BESS and distribution connection to/from a micro-grid to each settlement, including household level connections (indoor wiring), and preparation of basic designs;
  • (b) prepare the required site-specific environmental and social documents;
  • (c) assist PEC in preparation of the bidding documents (BDs), bid evaluation, bid award, and contract negotiation,
  • (d) assist PEC in quality assurance and technical inspection of construction works;
  • (e) assist PEC in supervision of contractor(s)’ compliance with technical requirements under the Project;
  • (f) assist PEC in contract management;
  • (g) assist PEC with factory witness tests on materials and equipment, if necessary;
  • and (h) assist PEC to maintain proper coordination and communication with the World Bank and other stakeholders.