Identification of Base Tariff and Sustainability Plan for Compensation Fund

Funded by: OSCE

Date: 2012

In Tajikistan operates more than 200 SHP plants, but almost all the plant belongs to the government.

None of the plants was established based on private investment capital.

Development of base tariff and compensation tariff that can cover the difference between commercial tariff and tariff for the consumer is one of high priority in Action Plan on investment improvement.

Base tariff is the first stage of development of Compensation Fund for future private and other producers of electricity.

For the development of BT, Tajhydro/Centre is planning to assess three categories of SHP plants around Tajikistan.

During the assessment, all aspects need to be counted, as construction expenses, ability to transfer through main ETLs (electricity transmission lines), place, and finance report of the plants, consumers and other.