Project Development Services for Small Hydro Power Project

Funded by: IFC/WB

Date: 2014

Work with industrial power consumers

  • Identify off-taker energy profile including power needs, product facilities, current supply, tariff level, etc.;
  • Discuss with senior firm management on the financial and technical implications of changing energy supply – either with a different provider or a different technology;
  • Participate in negotiation with senior firm management on the contents of a power purchase agreement including long-term tariff levels, legal protections, etc.;

Work with potential developers

  • Provide background on energy (particularly SHP) developers working or interested in Tajikistan including input suppliers, financiers, and owners/ operators. In addition, knowledge of energy sector projects being carried out in the private sector, or financed by IFIs, or funded/ implemented by donor agencies;
  • Participate in negotiations with developers to agree on a fee scale to be paid to IFC to compensate for upfront project development costs;

Support with project development

  • Prepare general materials and information related to private investment in the energy sector in Tajikistan including materials for presentations, events, analytical documents, etc. When appropriate participate in such events and/or provide peer review on analytical documents;
  • Prepare investment materials (presentations, pitch book, etc.) based on outcomes of pre-feasibility studies, or other project needs;