Site identification for pilot projects in Khatlon District

Funded by: JICA

Partners: NewJec Inc., Japan

Date: 2012-2013

Japan International Cooperation Agency signed an MOU with Ministry of Energy and Industry of Tajikistan on the development of Small Hydro Power Sector through community development in Tajikistan.

As inception phase JICA identified project implementation area, this is Khatlon District, where 9 potential sites were selected.

Next phase of the project managed by NEWJEC Inc. is to identify the technical potential of selected sites and out of nine sites short list 3-4 technically viable sites for further implementation.

Tajhydro/SHPD subcontracted by NewJec Inc. to perform as a local technical expert company to fulfill these tasks:

  • providing technical information;
  • data gathering, analyzing collected data;
  • developing recommendations;
  • participating in meetings with NEWJEC Inc. representatives and energy sector stakeholders;
  • providing a translation of technical documentation;
  • and interpretation during meetings.