Survey in Khatlon oblast on Solid Waste Management

Funded by: JICA

Date: 2012

The solid Waste problem in many countries can include underdeveloped waste collection systems and inappropriate final disposal, both of which can cause environmental pollution and place an additional burden on urban communities especially sanitarily.

Moreover, recent levels of economic growth and the subsequent introduction of mass consumption lifestyles may aggravate these problems.

Tajikistan is not the exception to the above trend, and particularly in urban areas, the problems can have been serious than before.

In terms of better sanitation for the communities as well as the environmental concerns, processing wastes in a proper manner in urban areas should help more sustainable and effective economic growth in Tajikistan. With this idea, JICA, through doing a survey, is planning to accurately assess the issues, and needs for solid waste management sector in Tajikistan aid further to explore the optimal form of aid to the urban communities particularly in Khatlon Oblast.