Tajikistan: Capacity Building to Strengthen the Climate Resilience of Hydropower Assets and Operations Phase 1

Funded by: EBRD

Partners: MWH (Turkey)

Date: 2016-2017

In the energy sector, changes in weather patterns and extreme conditions have several negative impacts to energy supply, oil and gas productions and power distribution, among other things. As such, the energy infrastructure in most Central Asian countries is highly sensitive to climate change impacts.

Especially this situation constitutes a major risk for Tajikistan which is highly vulnerable countries to the adverse impacts of global climate change, as it already suffers from low agricultural productivity, water stress, and high losses from disasters.

In the world, Tajikistan with its water resources is one of the largest countries with hydropower engineering capacity. Hydropower engineering resources of Tajikistan are unique because Tajikistan’s mountains and rivers provide it an estimated four percent of the world’s hydropower resources.