Ubz&Taj:500 Kv Ohl Centralize Power Management System- Feasibility Study

Funded by: ADB

Partners: Stantec/AF-Mercados

Date: 2018-2020

Prepare a Feasibility Study including (but not limited to): Review current situation of Frequency Control in Tajikistan & Uzbekistan. Review the prospective Tajikistan & Uzbekistan Transmission Grids. Review current situation of Scada in Tajikistan & Uzbekistan.

Analyze current Situation of Protection Relays Sets.

Analyze current Situation of Communication System.

Propose and evaluate alternative solutions and propose the most suitable from a technical and economical perspective. Design of the Solution adopted, including implementation arraignments.

Develop Communication, Protection Relays and Scada technical requirements. Prepare Costs estimates.

Conduct Financial Analysis Conduct Environmental Impact Assessment and Mitigation Measures. Support the EA during the loan approval process Prepare Draft Bidding Documents. Asist Bidding Evaluation and Contract Negotiation